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January 28, 2010

Students help missionary team on its way to Haiti

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Pastor Greg Edmonds and team leaving for Haiti

Pastor Greg Edmonds and his father Rev. Preston Edmonds pack the Graham Chapel bus before he and a team of 14 South Carolina Wesleyan church members, including five registered nurses, head down to Atlanta to leave for a medical mission trip to Haiti.  The trip to Haiti was planned before the earthquake on January 12th, but the disaster caused the team to change their planned trip into a medical mission.  

Greg’s heart has been burdened for Haiti for some time now.  The recent earthquake, and the damage it brought has intensified the need for Greg and Heidi to raise their support and move to Haiti.  Their mission is to rebuild hope in Haiti through compassionate ministries and the message of forgiveness and hope found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pastor Greg left this week to go to Haiti for ten days, and will return Feb 6th.  He and Heidi are still building their support team for the long-term mission they will begin at the end of this year in Haiti.  You can find all the resources on how you can help Greg and Heidi’s mission to Haiti on this website.

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