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February 8, 2010

Miracles Under the Mango Trees

Our South Carolina medical mission team returned Saturday night from a ten day relief trip to Haiti.  The stories we heard, the sights we saw, and the experiences we had will forever change us.  One of our team members referred to the trip as a defining moment in his life. 

I’ve heard people say that miracles don’t happen anymore.  Following our trip last week I will now respond, “They do in Haiti!”  I have been blessed to be a part of around 25 mission and disaster relief trips, but this one was unique.  The goal on every trip is to be the hands and feet of Christ and share His love with the people in need.  Last week we saved lives!  There are actually people alive today that probably would not be if not for our team of medical personnel and the other teams who joined us there!

Our team arrived at the clinic in Petit Goave, Haiti on Friday, January 29th around 5pm.  Less than an hour later a child was brought in with a pick-ax wound to his head.  The father was clearing debris and the child came too close.  The pick struck the child in the head exposing “grey matter.”  The medical personnel stabilized the boy and immediately called for him to be flown by helicopter to a surgical unit in Port-au-Prince.  One of our Haitian American nurses flew with the boy to PAP, and surgery was performed immediately.  The word we received last Wednesday was that the doctors were talking about when to let him go home!!

This is just one of many stories our team could share.  A few would make you laugh…many would make you cry.  At the end of them all, however, I think we all would agree…WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!!! 

Miracles do still happen.  To see one though you might have to visit a small clinic in Petit Goave, Haiti under the mango trees.

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