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February 1, 2010

SC Team Hits the Ground Running

Gregs Team Eating Lunch

Yesterday started out very busy with Dan heading off to deliver supplies and Carl heading out to pick up the South Carolina team, which included his sister.  The SC team arrived in the country yesterday by car.  Carl had picked them up at the border, and was able to drive them to the guest house just in time for lunch. We had a couple hours to spend with the team and their leader Greg Edmunds.  Greg is also a Global Partners missionary currently raising support to come to Haiti where he will oversee the hospital rebuild on La Gonave.   After lunch Greg and his team left as fast as they had come, heading out to the Petit Guave clinic where they will be for the next 8 days.

They hadn’t been in the clinic for very long before they received a patient, a young boy with a pick axe wound.  The boy had gotten too close to somebody who was digging through debris.  As the digger was swinging his pick axe back, he struck the boy in the head.   The injury was very serious with grey matter exposed and paralysis in part of his body.  This injury was far beyond anything that the outdoor clinic is setup to handle.

Dan, Greg, Fritzlene and Dr.Sloan as the team is loading up.

Dan, Greg, Fritzlene and Dr.Sloan as the team is loading up.

Fortunately, the team had a back up plan.  Just that morning Dan Irvine had made contact with an aid worker from Samaritan’s Purse.  This worker told him that they had medical helicopters available and offered his services to the clinic.  Later that day, the team in Petit Guave took Samaritan’s Purse up on their offer. Though the organization was surprised to receive a phone call from Dan so quickly, they were more than happy to help.  They responded quickly to our call, airlifting the boy to an American hospital where he will be treated for brain trauma.

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