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February 17, 2010

Why We Do What We Do!!

The Wesleyan Clinic at Petit Goave is seeing between 200 and 300 patients every day.

Our trip from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic started at 3:30am, and our medical mission team finally arrived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti after noon on Friday, January 29th.  Dan Irvine, Justine Iskat, and Matthew Tegen (a fellow South Carolinian) were a welcome sight at Carl and Maya Gilles’ guest house!  Dan Irvine, the mission director for Global Partners in Haiti, gave us a briefing on where we would be doing the medical clinic and an update on the conditions in Haiti.  A few minutes later we were taken inside for lunch.  I stopped before entering the house to speak with an American doctor who had already been ministering at the clinic that we would soon be transported to.  He told me what one of the Haitian men had said to him as he was working on the man.  These words sum up the reason our team went to Haiti, and the reason Heidi and I are so passionate about going there as long-term missionaries.

The Haitian man told this doctor, “Because you are here, I know God has not forgotten us.”  God still cares!  He has not forgotten the Haitian people!  Please don’t forget about them just because the news crews have left.  They need our prayers, our gifts, and our time! 

Why do we go to Haiti?  To show the people the love of Christ by being His hands and feet, and to let them know that God has not forgotten them.  That is why we do what we do!!!

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