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April 4, 2010

She Wants You to Take Her Baby!!

My two day visit to La Gonave was coming to an end, but walking through the Saline that afternoon would be an experience that I will remember for a long time.  Earlier that day I reconnected with a friend our team met last January on my first trip to Haiti.  He is a carpenter who works very hard to provide for his wife and three children.  His name is Michelet, and very few people impressed our team as much as he did.  We felt an immediate kinship with this Haitian brother in Christ. 

After helping me finish a project for one of the WISH houses, Michelet took several men from the Scottish team and me down to his home on the Saline.  We visited his home and met his new son.  He told us that he had been in Port-au-Prince when the earthquake hit, and it was three days before he could get a message to his wife that he was alive.  The small two room home now houses an additional family whose home was destroyed on the mainland.  The mother held a small infant who had been injured as their house fell.

Michelet then led us down to the salt flat where hundreds of children and teens were playing soccer and hanging out.  The Scottish guys jumped into an intense soccer game and Michelet and I walked down to edge of the water.  What happened next left me broken hearted!  A Haitian woman approached us holding a beautiful infant girl.  She looked at me and began talking in Creole.  I looked at Michelet hoping for some translation.  He looked at me and said, “She wants you to take her baby!”

What do you say to a mother who is willing to give her child away to a stranger just so they will not go hungry?  My heart is broken every time I visit Haiti.  Please don’t forget to pray for the people of Haiti.  The news media is gone, but the need is greater than ever!!!

Greg with Michelet and his family...January 2009

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