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May 18, 2010

Faith Promise Testimony…God Provides!


The believer looks to the Lord “in faith” asking how much he would have the believer give; then promises to give as the Lord directs.

What is the motivating power in FAITH-PROMISE GIVING?

The power of the Lord working through the willing partner is the key to FAITH-PROMISE GIVING. One’s faith in God’s ability to provide the full amount and the faithfulness to make the promise are the key. This type of giving is limited only by God’s purpose.

A Personal Testimony of FAITH PROMISE

Heidi and I shared Sunday about God’s call on our lives to be long term missionaries in Haiti with Global Partners.  At the end we always give people a chance to partner with us in three ways…Pray, Give, Go!  The way we are financially able to go is through Faith Promise Commitments by churches and individuals who God leads to support the Lord’s work through us.  One person in the church felt led of God to commit $500 on his Faith Promise card.  He was not sure where the funds would come from but he made the commitment. 

The very next day he received a letter in the mail from the government saying they owed him $418 dollars!  Was this a coincidence?  Absolutely not!  THE LORD STILL PROVIDES FOR HIS PEOPLE! 

FAITH-PROMISE looks directly to God, asking in effect: “How much can I trust God to give through me?” This offers God a channel through which He can pour limitless amounts into His work through His children. 

What is God leading you to do to support missions work around the world?  Trust Him to provide!!!

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