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May 13, 2010

Voodoo Needles

My last visit to Haiti coincided with a mission team from Scotland called Lemon Aid.  They have an incredible heart for God and a deep compassion for the people of Haiti.  The lunch conversation of two of their doctors caught my curiosity one day.  They were talking about their plans to remove a needle from inside a Haitian ladies arm after lunch.  The woman said she did not know how the needle got in her arm, but she had been in pain from a sharp prick inside her arm for a long time. 

I later walked over to the hospital and found the doctors in the smaller operating room.  The lady had her arm laid up on the table and the doctors had just finished removing the needle.  They held up an x-ray taken in Port-au-Prince that clearly showed a large needle inside the bicep of her arm.  The information the doctors now knew was that this was a needle from a Voodoo doctor who had tried to “heal” the woman of something two or three years before.

The saddest part of this story was found online when I searched for the official religion(s) of Haiti.  My search revealed three answers…Catholic, Protestant, and Voodoo.  What saddens me even more is the statistic from Wikipedia that says Roman Catholicism is professed by 80% of Haitians, Protestants make up 16% of the population, but Haitian Voodoo is practiced by up to two-thirds of the population.  Christians and Catholics make up 96% of the population and somewhere around 66% of the population practice Voodoo!  That means there is a lot of overlap if these statistics are anywhere near accurate. 

Please pray for the Haitian people that their eyes would be opened to the truth of God’s Word, that they would “set apart Christ as Lord” in their hearts, and turn from this ancient, African spritist religion.  Pray for us too that when we are confronted with this issue in Haiti we may have the words to explain the truth.

For more information on Haitian Voodoo go to…

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