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January 21, 2011

Three Weeks and Counting…

Heidi and I have completed our first three weeks in Haiti as long-term missionaries with Global Partners.  We hit the ground running and probably will not slow down until June!  Here are some highlights of our first three weeks in Haiti…

  • Haley’s school is going good and she really enjoys it.  Her reading is getting better and better each week.  Her teacher says she should be on a 2nd Grade level when she starts 1st Grade next year!
  • On Tuesday her teacher heard a band marching up the street in front of the WISH compound and took the kids to the wall to observe.  The music was loud and pretty good.  After a few minutes she began to realize that at the end of the parade were people wailing and crying out.  It was a funeral procession, and the band stopped right in front of them when they realized they had an audience!  The casket was in the back of a pick-up truck!
  • I (Greg) spent Thursday through Sunday (Jan. 6-9) in Port-au-Prince with a church rebuild team from Alaska.  They had a General Contractor and his lead man on the team, and the other 5 guys all had construction experience.  I had to leave Sunday to come back to the island, but I heard that they got all of the walls up and all the trusses set on this 40’ x 80’ building. 
  • It was a great reminder of the earthquake’s devastation as we poured the concrete footings in the middle of ten-foot tall piles of rubble that used to be a Citi Soleil Wesleyan Church.  The church people broke up the destroyed building by hand and took out the rebar.  They plan to use the rubble to build up the floor a couple of feet.  About 7 or 8 men of the church showed up Saturday to help us begin constructing their new church building.  They are currently meeting under a 50’ x 100’ tent on their property!
  • The best for last…Dan (our mission director) called Monday afternoon and informed me that he got approval from Global Partners to build a new guesthouse.  He said we could be ready to start moving dirt in 3 or 4 weeks.  The current guesthouse is sitting right where the new hospital is to be built, and it desperately needed replacing anyway.  We have a full schedule of teams between now and summer, but I have permission to recruit additional teams of up to 10 people to come work on the new building.  The goal is to have the new guesthouse finished in 3 to 4 months!!!
  • We need 10 additional construction teams to come to La Gonave, Haiti from late February through March. 
    • Teams need to have 2 or 3 people with professional construction experience and 5 or 6 willing workers.
    • Contact Heidi at for more information about bringing a team.
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