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January 21, 2011

Three Weeks (The Spiritual Side)

We are constantly reminded of the spiritual and physical needs that exist in this country.  One minute I’m frustrated at something I see happening, but the next I am heart-broken!  I have to remind myself to look through the compassionate eyes of Christ.  Through His eyes I look deeper than the visible to the unseen need of the person’s heart.  Through his eyes I look past the crowd to the individuals in that crowd.  In the Gospels I read how Jesus walked through a crowd with people pressing all around him asking Him, begging Him to heal their child, cast out this demon, make the lame friend walk again, the blind man see again…and then He stops and says, “Who touched me?”  The disciples almost laugh and say, “What do you mean?  The crowd is pressing all around you.”  “No,” says Jesus, “I felt power go out from me.”  The woman, knowing she can hide herself no longer, approaches Jesus and tells Him her story.  Another time we see Him stop in a crowd and look up into a tree.  “Zacchaeus, come down.  I need a place to stay tonight.  Do you have room?” 

Lord, help me to see the people of Anse-a-Galets, Haiti through the eyes of Jesus.  Help me to look past the visible frustrations of Voltaire, Bernard, Michelet, Bennie, Day-Day, Wilson, and Edner to see what they can become in You!  Help me to pay attention in the crowd to the person who needs a touch from the Master, and help me to be Jesus “with skin on” to them.  I may be the only Jesus they ever see, and I want to be just like Him!

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