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September 12, 2013

One Medical Team…Three Lives Saved

One Medical Team…Three Lives Saved!

A visiting medical team with an OB-GYN stayed in our new guesthouse this week and worked at the Wesleyan Hospital. A lady from the mountains of La Gonave gave birth to her baby up on the mountain and then rode a motorcycle down to the Wesleyan Hospital WITH the umbilical cord still attached to her and baby. The team worked with the lady to finish the delivery of the baby and then realized there was a second baby “on board.” The second baby was safely delivered and all three are doing fine! The new guesthouse is not yet complete, but it is already being used by God to impact the people of La Gonave. (pictures of guesthouse at bottom of e-mail)Please continue to pray for us as we work hard to have it complete by September 27 when the visitors arrive for the opening ceremony of the new Wesleyan Hospital. Over 400 people on a yearly basis use our guesthouse as their “base” of operations for the work and ministry that they do here on the island.  Also pray that this building will be used by God for many years to come to minister to the people of La Gonave, Haiti in the name of Jesus.Answered Prayer on a Saturday Morning
One of the items that was still needed for the new guesthouse was over 2,000 square feet of ceramic tile.  I received a call last Saturday morning saying the funds would be available almost immediately.  I went to a small hardware store on the island to see what was available.  We ordered the tile from him and he is supposed to deliver TODAY!  The Haitian tile boss is waiting for my call to say that the tile has been delivered, and he will start immediately.


  1. A good friend of ours was on one of the work teams that came to help finish the new guesthouse.  He became sick last Friday as the team was traveling back to the states.  I received a call from my dad saying that he is still very sick and is in the emergency room today (Thursday).  Please pray for a quick and complete healing for James.
  2. A work team of 6 people are here working hard to help us finish the La Gonave Ministry Center/Guesthouse.  The plan is to finish as much of the building as possible during the team’s time in Haiti.  Some funds have come in but we still need between $6,000 and $8,000 to completely finish the building.  Please join us in praying for these funds to come in quickly.  We are trusting God to supply all our need!  The building must be complete by the Opening Ceremonies of the new Hospital scheduled for September 26th through October 3rd of this year.  The building will have 42 beds, and we will be housing 42 people during that weekend.  We will also be feeding close to 60 people in the new dining room.
  3. Safety for the team, Greg, and the Haitian men who will be working with them to complete the project.
  4. Wisdom as we continue to seek God’s direction for our family at the end of our term with Global Partners in December.


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