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October 28, 2013

Term Ending for Greg and Heidi Edmonds

A twelve-year-old Haitian boy enters his teen years with a tiny scar beside his nose where there once was a tumor the size of a grapefruit.

A thin man in his twenties now shows no signs of the tumor in his abdomen that once made him look 9 months pregnant.

A family of 6 who once lived under a tarp now lives inside a concrete home with a metal roof and a concrete floor.

A non-Christian humanitarian team from the US has now seen the hands and feet of Christ in action at the La Gonave Wesleyan Hospital through the missionaries and Haitian staff who cared for them spiritually, physically, and emotionally only an hour after their truck rolled over onto them as it came down the mountain without brakes.

A church that was meeting on Sunday mornings from 4am to 8am to avoid the heat of the sun for over a year now has a metal roof that keeps them dry when rains interrupt their services.

An 8,000 square foot ministry center/guesthouse stands ready to welcome visiting mission teams who come to be the hands and feet of Christ to the people of La Gonave.

A two-year-old boy now lives pain free after his umbilical hernia is repaired by a visiting surgeon.

A woman who came to the hospital completely blind on a Monday left the hospital on Tuesday morning with her sight restored.

I sit here remembering these stories and dozens more that could be told of our three year term in Haiti, and the words of a familiar hymn keep echoing in the back of my mind.  “Great is Thy faithfulness.  Great is Thy faithfulness.  Morning by morning new mercies I see.  All I have needed Thy hands hath provided.  Great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto me.”  God has truly been faithful during our time in Haiti and we have seen Him do great things both in us and through us.

Our service in Haiti has been one of the most challenging (and yet rewarding) times in our ministry career.  We are writing this newsletter to inform our faithful prayer and financial supporters that our time of service with Global Partners will be concluding at the end of our term in January, as we will not be returning to Haiti for another term.  God has stretched us and used us in ways we never thought possible.  The greatest joy has been ministering to the over 100 mission teams with over 900 team members that we have hosted, and helping instill in them a love for being on mission with God in His world.  It is a truly incredible thing to see them broken “by the things that break the heart of God,” and then help them do something about it.  It has also been a joy working alongside our fellow missionaries and the Haitian nationals here on La Gonave, and this will be the toughest part of leaving.

God has not made the next step of ministry clear to us at this time, but we are seeking Him and have no doubts that He will make our paths straight.  We are very open to anything and everything that the Lord has planned for us next.  We do not feel that our part in missions is ending but that it will take on a new role for this next step of obedience.  We hope to be serving/ministering in a role that fulfills the following words from my resume…“My greatest passion is encouraging and equipping every Christian to reach the full potential that God has placed within them.  Ephesians 2:10 is a driving force in much of what I do, and should be a challenge to all Christians to allow God to do in them and through them all that He “prepared in advance for us to do.”  God has gifted us to facilitate, encourage, and equip God’s people to fulfill the purposes that He has placed them here to fulfill.  Most importantly, our hope is in our faithful God who knows best and clearly guides His children!

We are thankful for the many churches, individuals, and families that have prayed for us, given financially, and even visited us on the field with a short-term mission team.  This was truly a team effort and our family was simply an extension of you and the many other partners who faithfully gave of themselves so that God’s kingdom could advance in Haiti.  There is no doubt that many lives in Haiti have been impacted physically, financially, and even spiritually because of God’s work in us and through us over these past three years.  We love and appreciate all of you more than you will ever know.  It has been our honor to serve God and represent each of you during this season of ministry.  Please continue to pray for us as we finish our time in Haiti and return to the states.  Also pray that God would continue to build His church in Haiti.
Finally, we give all glory to God for everything that was accomplished during our time in Haiti, and the ministry center/guesthouse that will continue to make an impact after we leave.  He who started the work will faithfully bring it to completion!  It is humbling to be a couple of the weak vessels that He chooses to work through.

To the least of these,
Greg and Heidi Edmonds


  1. Our family will be departing Haiti on December 18th, 2013 and will spend January doing final Home Ministry time and attending a time of debriefing/re-entry by Global Partners.
  2. We will be finishing our term with Global Partners at the end of January 2014.  Please continue to support us financially through January if you are able to do so.  CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR US FOR MANY YEARS!!!
  3. Global Partners will also be sending out a letter in the near future offering suggestions for other missionaries or projects that you may want to consider supporting with your prayers and/or finances.
A newsletter with photos and details of the new La Gonave Ministry Center/Guesthouse will be coming in the next couple of weeks.
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