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December 9, 2013

Next Steps for Greg and Heidi in Ministry

Dear Faithful Partner,

I hope this message finds you well. We are enjoying the cooler weather of late November in Haiti…of course by cooler I mean high 70’s at night instead of high 80’s. The dry season has arrived and our family has now started the countdown to our departure from Haiti. We will be flying out of Haiti on December 18th and will conclude our service with Global Partners in February. Once again we want to thank you for your prayer and financial support of our family over our term with Global Partners.

I am writing to ask you to keep praying for our family as we transition back to life in the US and as we continue to seek God’s direction for the next step of ministry that He has for us. I also want to let you know of an opportunity that has been presented to us by another mission organization called Poured Out. This group ministers through Disaster Relief in the United States and in Haiti through bringing life-giving water to areas where there is no potable water. They have tentatively offered us a position as missionaries, but they want us to come for a visit to Michigan when we return to the US. Their base of operations is in Michigan, however they would like to add a “Southern Connection” to the ministry. If we become part of this ministry, we would respond to disaster stricken areas inside the US and lead short-term mission teams to Haiti from our base of operations in South Carolina. Many of you know that Disaster Relief has a huge place in my heart. I was looking for opportunities to do Disaster Relief work full-time when God called us to Haiti. It appears right now that God is working out the details of this ministry position, but we ask you to join us in praying for God’s clear direction. Poured Out is not an official ministry of the Wesleyan Church, but will soon have status similar to World Hope International in the way it is recognized by the Wesleyan Church. One of the founders of this ministry is an ordained Wesleyan pastor, and a recent press release on called Poured Out “the disaster and relief partner of The Wesleyan Church.”

A final request is about your financial support. Poured Out is a faith-based ministry just like Global Partners and requires their missionaries to raise support in the same way. It is a registered non-profit, and can receive tax deductible contributions. Will you prayerfully consider continuing to support our family on a yearly basis? Heidi and I will need to make a final decision about this position around December 19th and would ask you to let us know of your decision before then if possible. We completely understand if you are unable to continue supporting us through another organization, but we would appreciate your prayerful consideration.

Again, we have not officially joined Poured Out at this time so please keep this between the Lord, your church, and our family. You can read more about their ministry:

May God bless you richly in the coming Christmas season and the New Year.
Greg, Heidi, Haley, and Luke Edmonds


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