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February 26, 2014

Last Day with Global Partners

Dear Partners in Ministry,

Thank you for your continued prayers for our family during this time of transition from Global Partners to Poured Out. Our official last day with GP will be this Friday, February 28th. Please begin sending donations to Poured Out after this date. Donations to Poured Out can be made by check or online. Automatic monthly giving options are available. Directions for giving are listed below. Remaining funds in GP ARE NOT transferred to Poured Out so we are starting with a zero balance. Some of you asked about the automatic draft that you were giving to Global Partners for our support. I received word from GP that they will stop all EFT transactions on February 28th so you do not need to do anything to discontinue that donation to GP.

Current prayer needs

  • Our transition to Poured Out
  • A home for our family
  • Haley transitioning back into public school…going great!!
  • Heidi a job – she has been actively looking since late December
  • Financial needs…getting to 100% funding for the year
  • The missionary team in Haiti and our Haitian brothers and sisters we worked with
  • Safety as we travel and minister in Haiti with mission teams and when disasters strike in the US
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