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December 21, 2016

Rebuild Hope in 2017

Dear Praying Partner,

Four fishermen beside the Sea of Galilee heard Jesus say to them, “Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”  Eight more men received the personal call to follow Jesus and spent the next three years following Him.  He died, rose again, and gave them one last command, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.”
That command of Jesus has echoed in the hearts of Christian men and women for over 2,000 years.  Earlier this year God reminded me about the clear call to “go and make disciples of all nations” that He gave me standing on a hillside in Nicaragua in 2009.  I remember His gentle answer to my prayer as if it happened yesterday.  “You were born in the United States so you can go and do what you are doing right now.” God called me to GO to “the least of these.”
I applied to Global Partners this past summer and was appointed as a Go-Net Missionary in October.  The Lord opened a good work opportunity for Heidi in our hometown that allows us to live close to family and friends.  She understands that I have been called to GO and that I would be disobeying God if I neglected my missionary call.  I am very blessed to have a wife who fully supports this step of obedience.
The initial assignment that I have been asked to oversee is the rebuilding of seven churches in Haiti that were destroyed or severely damaged during Hurricane Matthew.  This will involve…

  • Recruiting teams of volunteers to go and work alongside Haitian workers to rebuild these churches through 2017 and early 2018 (minimum of 10 to 12 teams needed).
  • Planning and coordinating most aspects of rebuild teams…airfare, pre-trip team training, project material purchase and delivery, communication with Haiti mission team coordinator, etc.
  • Traveling to Haiti with teams to lead the rebuild projects (10 to 12 trips per year).
  • Raising funds to help the churches with the cost of the new building.  Smaller church projects will cost $5,000 to $7,500 and larger churches will cost around $10,000.  The Haitian churches are investing in this rebuild as well.  We want to give a “hand up” and not a “hand out.”
“We hold service from 4am to 8am on Sunday mornings because the church building has no roof to block the heat of the sun when it comes up.  When rains come the service ends and everyone runs for shelter.”  Those were the words of an assistant pastor back in 2013 before God allowed me to partner churches and individuals in the USA with this church in Haiti.  Within a short time funds were donated and a team was in Haiti assisting local workers to put a roof on the church.  Because of damage from Hurricane Matthew, seven churches are now meeting under tarps or other makeshift structures.  They need to be rebuilt as soon as possible, but that cannot happen without your help.
Global Partners requires missionaries to recruit prayer partners and raise our entire financial support.  I am writing to ask you to partner with me in three ways…
  1. PRAY – prayer is essential to my effectiveness
  2. GIVE – churches and individuals who will support my mission work financially (monthly Faith Promise) and/or give to help rebuild the churches
  3. GO – churches and individuals that will join mission teams to work alongside Haitian workers to rebuild the churches
PRAY.  GIVE.  GO.  Each of us has a part to play.  What will you do?  Will you partner with me to be the hands and feet of Christ to restore hope and build God’s Kingdom?  I need churches that will support my mission work at $50, $100, or $200 per month.  I also need many individuals and families giving $10, $25, $50, or $100 monthly.  Your monthly support will enable me to go and impact Haiti for eternity.
To Give Online or sign up for monthly Faith Promise follow the link  I can also mail a ministry commitment card for you to fill out by hand if requested.  Due to the immediate need for me to devote my time to coordinating the church rebuilds and traveling to and from Haiti I have one final request.  Would you prayerfully consider beginning your Faith Promise in January 2017 or as soon as possible?  The sooner my financial support is raised the sooner I can devote all my time to the mission that God has called me to.
To the least of these,Greg Edmonds

Missionary Fund #:  WM29-0105
Mail:  PO Box 512 Mayo, SC 29368
To Give Online or sign up for Faith Promise follow the link below:

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